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Tentative Programme (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Day 0 Tuesday 5th June 2007
Tutorial: Modelling Biology in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) (Robert Stevens)
0900-1030h Robert Stevens OWL Reasoning Tutorial Part 1
Coffee Break 1030-1100h
1100-1230h . OWL Reasoning Tutorial Part 2
Lunch 1230-1330h
Tutorial: Getting Started with Taverna (Tom Oinn)
1330-1500h Tom Oinn Taverna Tutorial Part 1 All Tutorial Participants are requested to bring their own laptop with wireless access. Login to the conference wireless network will be required for this tutorial. If you don't have a laptop, we can supply them if you contact asifkhan _at_ as soon as possible.
Coffee Break 1500-1530h
1530-1800h . Taverna Tutorial Part 2
Day 1 Wednesday 6th June 2007
Morning (Track 1)
Workflow and Grid Integration Systems: Killer Applications in the making
Session 1 1030-1230h
Tan Tin Wee Chair: Tan Tin Wee, Founding Secretariat, APBioNet
Board Director, International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)
Associate Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS)
1030-1100h Tom Oinn Tom Oinn
When reality attacks! Four years of building workflow middleware for real scientists.
1100-1120h Lim Teck Sin Lim Teck Sin
KOOPlatform: BioWorldWideWorkflow Integration, Bio-eManufacturing and BioSurveillance
1120-1145h Lane Shen Lane Shen
Goalnet: Intelligence in Workflow orchestration
1145-1205h Arun Krishnan Arun Krishnan (teleconf)
Wildfire/GEL: an integrated solution for building and executing workflows
1205-1230h Miao Chunyan Miao Chunyan
Bio Services Transfer in a Grid Environment
Lunch 1230-1315h
Plenary Session 1315-1400h
1315-1400h Professor Carole Goble Professor Carole Goble (Plenary Session)
GridAsia Keynote Address
The Workflow Ecosystem: Why Plumbing is not enough
Afternoon (Track 2): 1400-1800h
Knowledge Discovery and the Semantic Web: Prelude to a World Wide WorkFlow Grid
Session 2 1400-1530h
Christopher J O Baker Chair: Christopher J O Baker
Principal Investigator
Institute of Infocomm Research
1400-1440h David De Roure David C De Roure
The History of the Semantic Grid
1440-1510h Olivo Miotto Olivo Miotto
Semantic Web Technologies for Biological Knowledge Aggregation
1510-1530h Bertil Schmidt Bertil Schmidt
Quascade-MP2 Workflows
Coffee Break 1530-1600h
Session 3 1600-1800h Martti Tammi Chair: Martti Tammi
President, Association for Medical and Bio Informatics Singapore
Asst Professor, Karolinska Institutet and National University of Singapore
1600-1640h Ross D King Ross King
The Expo Ontology: Describing scientific experiments
1640-1720h Akihiko Konagaya Akihiko Konagaya
Automatic Generation of Drug Metabolic Pathway from ADME Ontology on OWL-DL
1720-1800h Robert Stevens Robert Stevens
Using Ontology to Classify Members of a Protein Family
Fine European Cuisine Dinner sponsored by AMBIS:
INFUZI Restaurant
Location Map at Biopolis
AMBIS Association for Medical and Bio Informatics Singapore
AMBIS Dinner
Session 1830-2100h

KC Lun Chair: Professor K C Lun,
Immediate Past President,
International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
AMBIS Annual Lecture
and Dinner
Ross King Professor Ross King
Distinguished Speaker
Annual Lecture of the
Association for Medical and Bio Informatics Singapore (AMBIS)
Robot Scientists
2000-2100h . AMBIS Annual Lecture and AMBIS
Annual General Meeting 2007
Minutes of Meeting and President's Report will be circulated.
Day 2 Thursday 7th June 2007 (sponsored by DiscoveryNet)
Morning/Afternoon (Track 3)
Workflow engineering: Constructing and running large-scale software infrastructures based on scientific workflows
(Note simultaneously, a parallel track which some of us will be involved in at the UK eScience Workshop)
Session 4 1015-1230 Yike Guo Chair: Yike Guo
Professor, Imperial College, London
PI, Discovery Net (EPSRC)
1015-1100 GSK Robert Gill Robert Gill
Head of Biology Domain Architecture, MDR-IT, GlaxoSmithKline
Architecting the Virtual Organisation
1100-1145 Mark Schreiber Mark Schreiber, Novartis Institute of Tropical Diseases (NITD)
Bioinformatics workflow management: Thoughts and case studies from industry.
1145-1230 Richard Kamuzinzi Richard Kamuzinzi, Computer Engineer, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
IXodus, a knowledge discovery process based on the SIMDAT-Pharma GRID technologies
Lunch 1230-1400
Session 5 1400-1530h Robert Gill Chair: Rob Gill
Head of Biology Domain Architecture, MDR-IT, GlaxoSmithKline
1400-1430 Yike Guo Yike Guo
Professor, Imperial College, London
PI, Discovery Net (EPSRC)
Making Workflows Work
1430-1500 Fenglian Xu FengLian Xu, IBM UK
Workflow with IBM's WebSphere Process Server
1500-1530 P Guhan P Guhan, TIBCO Software Inc
Evolution of Workflow for modern predictive industry
Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break 1530-1600
Session 6 1600-1730 Chris Baker Chair: Chris Baker
Co-Chair, WWWFG conference
1600-1620 Simon See Simon See,
Director Asia Pacific Science and Technology Center (APSTC), Sun Microsystems
Adjunct Professor, Nanyang Technological University
Grid Workflow Composition with Directed Graphs
1620-1650 Yasumasa SHIGEMOTO Yasumasa Shigemoto
Application of Web services to workflow navigation in bioinformatics for non-programming biologists
1650-1800 Panelists:
Carole Goble
David De Roure
Simon See
FengLian Xu
Robert Gill
P Guhan
Workflow Standardization for Interoperability in Industry and Academia
1800-1830 WWWFG CoChairs Concluding Message

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